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‘Farmwatch’ is an extension of the Neighbourhood Watch movement aimed specifically at the farming community. The objectives of Farmwatch mirror that of Neighbourhood Watch, that is to:
  • Cut crime, and the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Reassure local residents, and reduce the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Reduce the incidence of domestic fires and environmental damage to residential property
  • Encourage neighbourliness and community cohesion
  • Improve the quality of life for local residents and tenants.
Cumbria Farm Watch logoFarmers & other people living in rural communities can join the Constabulary’s successful Farmwatch scheme, which is a network designed to share crime prevention advice, alert local residents to crimes in their area, & appeal for information to catch criminals.

Latest statistics show that members of Farmwatch are less likely than non members in the farming community to be a victim of crime, with members of the Trespass scheme safest of all. The Trespass scheme is a voluntary addition to Farmwatch where members agree to their premises details being included on a list given to known criminal who target rural communities. Criminals given the list are informed that they face legal action should they trespass on land of participants to this scheme.

By joining the Farmwatch scheme you agree to receive information by phone, text or email. You will also receive free crime prevention advice on protecting your property and reduced cost (or sometimes free) security products. By keeping you informed about crime in your area, we help prevent crime, keep your community safe and sometimes catch criminals. To join Farmwatch, start by clicking here or for a manual registration form and other resources, visit the Farmwatch forms page, for more help and advice about protecting your farm visit the help and advice page

Research conducted in 2011 has identified tangible benefits to members of these schemes in terms of reduced risk of victimisation.

Register with Cumbria Farm Watch hereBy registering on the Cumbria Farm Watch site you will be able to receive information from relevant agencies such as the Police, the Fire Service and Trading Standards for example. You can choose the information you want to receive in terms of who it's from, the priority you want to attach to it and your preferred means of receiving it.

Registration is quick, simple and completely free. There are no contracts, costs or obligations of any kind.

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