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New recruits to Farmwatch will be encouraged to procure SmartWater kits from Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association. Whilst this is not a condition of membership, this is the only way in which they can appropriate signage, and anyone seeking information about membership should be provided with crime prevention advice and made aware of the benefits.

Members and prospective members should also be advised that where Insurance companies are made aware of scheme membership and SmartWater use, they will take this as a very positive feature, demonstrating a better than average approach to risk management which can then be reflected in the insurance premium and cover on offer.

SmartWater Procurement Form

Farm Watch Registration Form

Please click here to register on the system right now.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to register for Cumbria Farm Watch by mail, please click the link below to download the form. Then, print it out, fill in all the appropriate details and post to the address marked on the form.

Farm Watch Manual Registration Form