Advice and Info

Farm and outbuildings

• Restrict access to your farm land & property with locked gates
• Ensure your home, farm & outbuildings are secure. Use British Standard locks & high security closed-shackle padlocks
• Consider fitting intruder alarms, CCTV & good outside security lighting, check regularly to ensure they work
• Lock windows & doors, remove keys from locks & keep out of visible reach
• Mark equipment & property with farm name & postcode, use a UV pen, engraving, stamping, tagging or forensic marking
• Hide valuable items from view & secure them in locked outbuildings
• Consider joining your local Farmwatch scheme

Vehicles, trailers & quad bikes

• Secure & immobilise vehicles & equipment when not in use
• Remove keys from the ignition & keep them somewhere secure
• Don’t leave quad bikes or trailers unattended
• Consider storing vehicles & property in a secured building, if possible secured to the ground or wall, or inside a caged area
• Mark trailers & property with farm name & postcode, use a UV pen, engraving, stamping, tagging or forensic marking

General advice:

• Where possible install fuel tanks within secure buildings or cages made from a material resistant to attack
• Thieves may stake-out your property in advance by making up an excuse to call round. Try to take a note of their registration number, & report the incident to police
• Never advertise that you are away by leaving notes for tradesmen or delivery drivers
• Ensure you have adequate insurance cover
• Keep up to date on crime trends by joining Farmwatch
• When you are away, ask neighbours and friends to keep an eye on your property, & be prepared to do the same for them
• Take down registration numbers of suspicious vehicles & report suspicious activity to police immediately

Further information

If you require more information or specific advice about Farmwatch & Horsewatch contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team or Local Crime Prevention Officer on 101
Please click here for a full list of contacts within Cumbria police for Watch scheme matters
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